Juan Salamanca

A response to #PreserveOurFIU

So you’re an environmental activist determined to stop the administration’s plans to demolish a critical part of the nature preserve to build additional athletic practice fields on a college campus that has seven. I got bad news for you: You’ve already lost.

Big government is a part of capitalism

Government intervention in the economy is inefficient, coercive and, worst of all, it rewards the lazy while punishing the industrious. Thus, the argument goes, government ought to exist solely to enforce contracts and defend the country. In the Tea Party narrative, big government is the villain that must be defeated at all costs.

The Star Wars Force Awakens offers nothing but nostalgia

Seeing the “A long time ago, in a galaxy far far away . . . “ title card explode alongside the first chord from composer John Williams’ legendary theme hits you with the impact of a freight train crashing into a wall. It’s almost magical. It’s 1977 all over again and that is precisely the movie’s biggest problem.

GOP debate proves that Trump is inescapable

From gun toting government and minority fearing survivalists to libertarians seeking a neo-Gilded Age, to gung-ho pro-lifers to rationally clueless ivy league investment and security industry types, to the Cubans who tremble with rage if it smells even a little bit like Castro, I have met many Republicans throughout the course of my life. In the politics of 2016, I’ve observed three convictions that unite them: an unwavering if inconsistent fear of big government, a deep obsessive hatred towards Barack Obama and the notion that Donald Trump must absolutely not be the GOP nominee.