Leonardo Cosio

SGA elected candidates share plans for upcoming term

Election season at the University officially concluded on April 5, results confirmed FIYou candidates at MMC President-elect Krista Schmidt and Vice President-elect Jordan Thompson, and President-elect Leonardo Cosio and Vice President Meredith Marseille at BBC as winners of this year’s student government election.

Claw & Growl News & Opinion Talk Show March 24, 2017

The Claw & Growl discusses the battle between FIU and the Miami-Dade County Youth Fair, the healthcare replacement bill that President Donald Trump’s administration is trying to pass and the upcoming SGA elections. The Claw & Growl also interviews SGC-BBC VP and uncontested presidential nominee Leonardo Cosio on FIU Day, current student issues and what students can expect from the new SGA.

SGA amends constitution

The Student Government Association, a student-focused group responsible for the representation of the student body and the distribution of student fees to University organizations overseen by the Student Affairs office, announced a few changes in the organization’s constitution.