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Women in sports journalism can feel like ‘crashing the frat party’

On the March 18 sports journalism panel for “Communication’s Week 2014,” Lindsay Casinelli, a Univision sportscaster and Michelle Kaufman, a Miami Herald sportswriter and a University of Miami adjunct professor, spoke up about the bias towards women in the business of sports journalism.
“The first thing that people see are my boobs, and I live with that,” said Casinelli.

Professor uses camera lens to document “blackness”

“(1)ne Drop: Shifting the Lens on Race,” published on Nov. 28, 2013, is a combination of written biographies and photographs that investigate the lived experiences of people who identify as Black or have their “blackness” questioned.

College of Architecture + the Arts invades Miami Beach

Miami Beach is widely known for its vibrant and colorful art scene.

From jazz clubs, to exquisite restaurants, and diverse art galleries, Miami Beach has something to offer to all art-driven visitors. In the path of being involved in their community, the University’s College of Architecture + the Arts decided to join this artistic atmosphere by starting their own studio, Miami Beach Urban Studios, for students in Miami Beach.

The Frost brings art to life this fall

The Frost Art Museum has been on the move lately, determined to fulfill their mission statement to bring quality exhibitions and programs to the community; besides launching many exhibitions this summer alone, they had their first Target Wednesday for the new school year on July 18. With exhibits such as the Jamaican Intuitive Art, This and That and Shared Threads still running, the curators of the Museum are already looking into their permanent collections and elsewhere to bring many new events and exhibitions to the public.

“Target Wednesday” brings innovation to The Frost

This past Wednesday, July 18, the Frost Art Museum presented two new exhibitions as part of their first “Target Wednesday After Hours” for the new academic year of 2012-2013. These two exhibits, “This and That” and “Shared Thread,” came from artists of different cultural backgrounds who used different art styles to convey different messages.

JAMAICAN ME ARTSY: ‘Students learn complexity of teamwork’

On Aug. 6, 2012, Jamaica celebrates its 50th anniversary of independence. As a way to commemorate this anniversary and bring awareness to Jamaica’s art and culture, The Patricia and Phillip Frost Art Museum is currently hosting an exhibition entirely put together by the students of the Graduate Certificate of the Museum Studies program as part of their annual event.

Italian architecture at The Frost

Italy is recognized as the birthplace of world-renowned art, such as the Mona Lisa and the statue of David. However, many of Italy’s most famous works can’t be found on the walls of any museum.

Students’ votes decide Movie on the Lawn event at The Frost

After one month of uncertainty, the Frost Museum has finally announced the winner to the movie that will be airing in this month’s Movie on the Lawn event. For the first time, students were able to decide what will be the highlight of the evening.

Chinese art comes to Frost

For more than a year, 30 Chinese artists have been striving to perfect their creations in time for the Patricia & Phillip Frost Art Museum’s Tianjin Arts in Miami event.
This year, the event will be open on February 10 to the 16, from 5 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. From two-foot sculptures to wall-sized manuscripts, all of the art pieces were presented to solidify and celebrate the University’s Tianjin Center in the People’s Republic of China.