Intolerance is killing us

Image by zakir hossain chowdhury “protest at Dhaka after death of US blogger Avijit Roy” via Flickr    UPDATE: The Secular Student Alliance will be hosting…

FIU Law comments on Stand Your Ground course

A Stand-Your-Ground course may be taught at the university’s law school, in light of the new course being offered at FAU that goes over the controversial law involved in the trial of George Zimmerman. students interested in furthering a discussion about Stand Your Ground can attend an upcoming Roundtable Discussion session discussing the Trayvon Martin Verdict, organized by the African & African Diaspora Studies Program on Sept. 13 in GC 150 at MMC.

BORDERLESS WITH BROOKLYN: Final thoughts – the ripple effect

The notion that it is wholly an issue of ethics or morality to promote women’s status globally is insufficient.

Predicated on the fact that a reoccurring theme woven into all issues I’ve discussed in my columns pertain to women, it is poignant to illustrate just how essential “women’s issues” are to states’ interests and overall global well being.

BORDERLESS WITH BROOKLYN: Domestically & abroad women jeopardized by politics

But while it seems easy for the West to imagine this phenomenon as particularly barbaric and antiquated, it is worth noting that current reproductive health legislation, initiatives that seek to rescind abortion rights, is also quite barbaric and has serious potential to emotionally and physically harm women.

It’s important when we criticize the international community‘s injustices towards women that we also look at our own system of injustice.

BORDERLESS WITH BROOKLYN: How to feel really good about yourself for 35 minutes-Kony2012

Remember when it was cool to try to ‘save Darfur?’ Wait, where? It’s that place in Africa, the one that everyone wore the green bracelet for and felt better about our leaders not really doing anything to confront 21st century genocide. Shortly, we will experience a similar collective amnesia in regard to what referred to as the “Meme Du Jour,” Kony2012

BORDERLESS WITH BROOKLYN: Within own borders, Miami poverty is staggering

Its difficult to grasp the poverty rate, a shocking 32.4 percent. It is an obtuse concept, poverty, the word itself is as an umbrella term that a myriad of social issues fall under. If there were a philosophical synonym for poverty, the closest word would be ‘deficiency.’ Not enough money is an obvious branch of the poverty tree, but infinite other branches include a lack of educational resources, hunger, homelessness and an inability to access proper (or any) health care.