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Are stereotypes driving you?

Dexter Quinn is driving on Biscayne Boulevard trying to get to his 11 a.m. physics lab class, while cars screech, halt, and honk around him. He weaves in and out of lanes pressing the accelerator harder to speed up the journey, just to find himself stuck behind someone who is driving 25 mph in a street where 45 is the speed limit.

A bright Mourning for Overtown Kids

Selima Hussain / Contributing Writer The Overtown Youth Center, a charitable organization dedicated to empowering underprivileged minority youth in Miami, will be holding a fundraising…

Exhaustion: the academic energy epidemic

Selima Hussain / Contributing writer Energy drink cans and empty coffee cups litter the floor of junior finance major, Yuyang Hou’s dorm. Notebooks and highlighters…