Western medicine puts a bandage on problems

It seems to be the American way to put bandaids on a deep wound instead of actually getting to the root of the issue. Americans spent a whopping $44 billion on over the counter medication last year according to The New York Times. That much money could be put towards teaching people how to live a healthy lifestyle rather than simply covering up symptoms. Having a cold around the winter is normal, but having a cold several times a year? That is a big issue and your immune system clearly isn’t in the best shape. Masking the problem with multiple doctor’s appointments and prescriptions is not the answer, getting to the root of the issue is.

Allegations filed contesting 2012 elections

Following the announcement of the winning Student Government presidential ticket as Laura Farinas and Alex Castro, four grievances were filed to the Student Government Supreme Court questioning the legitimacy of the 2012 SGA presidential election.

Farinas ticket wins presidency by 0.8 percent

Presidential candidate Laura Farinas and her running mate Alex Castro won the student government presidency at the Modesto Maidique campus in an election that brought out almost the second largest student voter turnout in the State University System.