Students allowed guns on campus

In light of a court opinion delivered by the Florida First District Court of Appeal, public universities must comply with the statute that legally allows students to keep firearms in their parked cars on campus.

Policy on electronic cigarettes remains unclear

University Chief of Police Alexander Casas said the University Police Department treats electronic cigarettes as it would any cigarette, however, he has not personally seen them being used on-campus. Despite present regulations, however, students say they continue to use e-cigarettes on campus.

Dean of Libraries relaxes rules on student snacking

After an unpopular pilot program over the summer that barred food and drink from the Green and Hubert Libraries, students can once again eat while they cram for their exams, but with a few added caveats. The summer’s policy change was impacted by students’ comments regarding food in the library from the LibQUAL+ Survey that was conducted spring 2013.

BORDERLESS WITH BROOKLYN: NDAA attacks civil rights, disregards constitution

On December 31, 2011, as President Barack Obama signed the National Defense Authorization Act into law, America experienced a collective deja vu; an overreaching, unconstitutional piece of legislation was being enacted a la Bush circa 2001. Our current President, whose ideology during election time seemed almost antithetical to that of former President George W. Bush’s, signed a law that not only has the potential to threaten constitutional rights, but actively disregards them entirely.