College of Law ranks 100th in the nation

The College of Law reached the top 100 mark in U.S. News & World Report’s rankings of the nation’s schools — distinguished as 55th in the country (third in the state) for the selectivity of its incoming class and 56th (second in the state) for the success of its students in securing jobs upon graduating.

Coverage of birth control causes religious controversy

Freedom of religion or freedom for contraceptives?
The Affordable Care Act began to cover birth control for many insured women on Aug. 1, 2012. With the commencement of this act, uproar arose from religious leaders and conservatives which find the policy to be an attack against the first amendment, particularly freedom of religion.

Affordable Care Act offers necessary reform

The most problematic issue regarding health care in America is the unsustainably high cost for services, treatments and medications.

The International Federation of Health Plans released a report comparing the prices in various countries for 23 medical services. The U.S. had the highest costs in 22 of the 23 cases. In France, an MRI costs only $281. In the U.S., an MRI costs over $1,000.

The medical industry abuses its patients in the U.S., simply because they are capable of doing so. With necessary reforms to the fragmented health care, patients and the overall system will not be taken advantage of.