School of International and Public Affairs

SIPA Dean John Stack Steps Down

Danny Tarrau / Contributing Writer After six years, the founder and Dean of the Steven J. Green School of International and Public Affairs (SIPA) John…

Faculty Senate ask about Rubio’s teaching position

Furton, former dean of the College of Arts & Sciences, said he appointed Marco Rubio in 2011 as a senior fellow and co-instructor. He said Michael Heithaus, dean of CAS, and John Stack, professor and SIPA director, renewed Rubio’s contract in 2014.

Professors to address global warming in annual forum

Glab, a professor in the School of International and Public Affairs and the director of the Global Energy Outlook, which was inaugurated in 2003, is hosting the annual Global Energy Outlook Forum to 2040 on Tuesday, Feb. 3 at MMC.

Health symposium targets Cubans

In the summer of 2012, the Pan American Health Organization and Cuban health authorities reported more than 700 cases of cholera, an infection of the…

Rosenberg signing deal with Peru’s former president

The Latin American and Caribbean Center is celebrating its 35th anniversary with Peru’s former president Alan Garcia who will sign an agreement with President Mark B. Rosenberg to open up student exchange and study abroad programs between a Peruvian university and FIU.