Spring 2014

New exhibitions and diverse artists for Spring 2014

Carol Damian, Museum director and chief curator of The Patricia and Phillip Frost Art Museum, and her team of curators plan years ahead to be prepared every semester and keep exhibitions “fresh.” This semester is packed with new exhibitions from diverse artists, curators and museums.

The beginning of a Shakespearean semester

For all Shakespearean enthusiasts and those who are captivated by theater, the English department has cooked up several events this semester to broaden your creative minds and deepen your thinking on Roman tragedies. The first of these events was held Monday, January 6 from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. in the Green Library.

EDITORIAL: Smoking ban needs enforcement

While addiction to tobacco is clearly unhealthy, we respect a person’s choice to do what is legally within rights to their body. Residential students or faculty and staff that spend the day on any campus still find a way to smoke, and not providing them with any place to dispose or smoke their cigarettes simply increases pollution.
We are not suggesting a reversal on the ban, but encouraging the development of a formal sanction of regulations. Until then, perhaps the signs in front of every doorway should read, “kind of a smoke free campus.”