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Summer graduation now a “hot” commodity

Typically, there are six summer graduation ceremonies that occur. According to the Sun Sentinel, 3,500 students graduated this past summer, as opposed to 4,000 last winter and 4,300 last spring. Ivette Duarte, the interim director of Career Services, said seniors enrolled in summer A, B and C term that graduate in August face a better job market.

CLASS DISMISSED: Web-based sex education worthwhile

While some students are genuinely looking for factual information, others are turning to pornography, Wikipedia and other unreliable, unrealistic portrayals of sexual behavior. In general, when students take to the Internet to find out more about sexual health, they are subject to misinformation distributed by unqualified sources.To alleviate the latter issue, colleges and universities should consider creating scholarly sex ed websites for their students.

CLASS DISMISSED: Abstinence-only sex education futile

In October 2010, journalist Evan Smith asked Texas Gov. and current presidential hopeful Rick Perry about the effectiveness of abstinence-only sex education. Although the footage of this video is a bit old, renewed interest in Perry after his announcement of entering the 2012 presidential race has caused it to become popular again. Perry’s difficulty in justifying abstinence-only sex education in Texas points to a larger struggle to reconcile the merit of this method in our country overall.