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Swing Lo Magellan: an explosion of Indie sound

Dave Longstreth’s constant search for new sounds often results in a quickly rotating lineup of Dirty Projector members. This makes it a fairly stable lineup he’s maintained for the last three releases — a departure from the norm. While experimentation and constant evolution are always expected from him, and while key members like Angel Deadoorian departed from the group before the creation of this new LP, “Swing Lo Magellan;” there is a noticeable shift in the band’s dynamics from a Longstreth-dominated ensemble to that of a more cohesive, collaborative unit. Amber Coffman, Olga Bell and Haley Dekle take on as much of an important role as his guitar work, often becoming the main attraction of their new sound on this new record. They bring life, in conjunction with Longstreth’s intricate chord progressions, to 12 new songs that present a much more focused, and accessible side of the band, leading to one of their best releases to date.

Rossen excels as soloist

Daniel Rossen, better known as one of the front men for the darling indie band Grizzly Bear, has always been a very prolific musician.

Sleigh Bells’ new effort a flop

Sleigh Bells’ sound is very peculiar. The combination of heavy guitar riffs and sweet pop vocals allow for a juxtaposition of elements that would normally clash and make for an unpleasant experience, yet still pay off and deliver a pleasant surprise, much like a Sour Patch Kid.

TV on the Radio at Ricochet Lounge

TV on the Radio are veterans now and have toured throughout the world, so, naturally, they would come through some sort of maturation process in their years together. Their show at Ricochet Bar and Lounge displayed a band who had all the experience and talents of a well-groomed outfit, but the zeal of junior high school classmates playing at a talent show.