The Patricia & Phillip Frost Art Museum

New exhibitions and diverse artists for Spring 2014

Carol Damian, Museum director and chief curator of The Patricia and Phillip Frost Art Museum, and her team of curators plan years ahead to be prepared every semester and keep exhibitions “fresh.” This semester is packed with new exhibitions from diverse artists, curators and museums.

EDITORIAL: Tuition hike blame is misplaced

Over the past few years, the state university system has seen an increase in tuition to the maximum yearly allowance of 15 percent.

This yearly increase has been approved by both the state legislature and the University Board of Trustees—eight percent by the House and seven percent by the BoT.

Yet, as University students see a hike in tuition, they are also experiencing cuts and a tightening in restrictions when it comes to state scholarships and financial aid programs such as Bright Futures.