‘All My Sons’ is ‘timeless and powerful’

“Ultimately it’s a play about what money does to people,” said Michael Yawney, assistant theatre professor and director of All My Sons. “The demands of capitalism really demand that we look out for ourselves and our families. But do we do that at the expense of others?”

Students compose original music for play

Sitting on cushions onstage and listening to live, original music while watching a magical, rich story unfold is just a few of the novel features the audience attending “Arabian Nights” will be apart of, which is directed by Phillip Church and written by Mary Zimmerman.

Involvement develops life-long relationships

When you care about an issue enough to get involved with organizations and other groups that share a common interest, you begin to expand your lasting social network for life that you may later need in life to make a mark on your resume and in your career.