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Allegations of voter fraud filed against Farinas-Castro campaign

With evidence of voter fraud and failure to comply with the Student Body Elections Code, presidential candidate Sanjeev Udhnani and his running mate Connor Mautner filed two court orders today to the Student Government Supreme Court questioning the legitimacy of the 2012 SGA presidential election.

EDITORIAL: Candidate behavior not up for debate

Disastrous, embarrassing, petty as this debate turned out, it has, on the bright side, drastically simplified the voter’s decision-making process. A candidate’s immaturity, so fundamental in matters of leadership, renders their platform irrelevant, as no plan, however wise or well-intentioned, can be carried out efficiently if the president does not know how to behave.

Udhnani and Mautner are M.A.D.

“Make A Difference” for FIU is the campaign of Udhnani and Mautner, presidential and vice-presidential candidates of this year’s student government elections at the Modesto Maidique Campus.

Involvement develops life-long relationships

When you care about an issue enough to get involved with organizations and other groups that share a common interest, you begin to expand your lasting social network for life that you may later need in life to make a mark on your resume and in your career.