Study: Racial slurs saturate social media

A recent study determined the daily number of racial and ethnic slurs written on Twitter in a nine-day period after overuse of the “report abuse” button: 10,000 tweets-per-day involving racial slurs in the English language alone.

KONY 2012 activists mislead by inaccurate video

The video, which was released on March 5, capitalizes on the devastation caused by Kony and the LRA in Uganda and serves as a call to action for people worldwide to increase awareness of the affairs of the Ugandan government and its people.

Students unaware of Chick-fil-A’s anti-gay endorsements

Our University is known for being diverse and respectful of culture and race but most students are unaware that they are indirectly supporting a prejudiced cause.

Most students at FIU will be able to tell you how good Chick-fil-A tastes. What they won’t know is that by eating at Chick-fil-A, they are giving money to a company that endorses organizations with anti-gay views.

Whaling activities mass murder of highly intelligent species

The search for intelligent life beyond our atmosphere is ironic considering that it exists right here on the same planet.

In oceans worldwide, intelligence and culture are present in the dwindling communities of cetaceans, which is the family that dolphins and whales belong to that are constantly threatened by human activities.

United States leads to overcome overfishing

A recent article by the BBC estimated that overfishing has cost the European economy over 3.2 billion euros a year and more than 100,000 jobs.

The new fishing regulations passed by the United States are revolutionary in that no country has ever tackled the problem of overfishing as aggressively.

Lawmakers intend to apply these catch limits on all federally-managed species of marine life that are fished annually.

Assimilation not optional, speaking English essential

Assimilation should not be an option when moving to another country. The responsibility of learning the predominant language of that country should be a high priority, as it benefits the people moving into the country and allows for the country to better serve them.

Religion has no place in class

The aforementioned knowledge, though still filled with gaps, provides knowledge of our world that religion simply cannot. The scientific method has hardly failed to improve the quality of living for the human population, let alone enrich our understanding of the several phenomenon of our planet.

Political agendas sacrifice environment

The EPA is the branch of the government dedicated to regulating industrial activity to ensure that the most eco-friendly measures are taken. Developed during Richard Nixon’s presidency, the EPA has been greatly responsible for the passing of environmental legislation that has kept most of the U.S. clean and safe for the last 40 years

Political duplicity plagues gay community

The political world is rampant with accounts of scandal and hypocrisy. Regardless, politicians hold in their hands the responsibility of keeping high levels of integrity in the decisions that they make on behalf of themselves as well as the people that they represent.