United States

Students and faculty not concerned with marketability of liberal arts degrees

From 2009-2010, about 3 percent of students in the United States graduated with a degree in liberal arts while the same statistics showed a business degree was the most popular. At the University, the most popular major remains business, accounting for 35 percent of all degrees conferred between 2011-2012. Noble Cook, a professor of history, dismisses the possibility of concern for liberal arts students, however.

Turmoil between U.S. and Venezuela explored on-campus

The Latin American and Caribbean Center will sponsor an event on Sept. 26 at 6 p.m. titled “Damaged Beyond Repair? U.S.–Venezuela Relations” at the College of Business, Room 232, South Campus. Students attending this event will get the opportunity to hear the words of Patrick Duddy, former U.S. Ambassador to Venezuela.

Obama delays Congressional vote on military action in Syria

President Obama announced his decision to delay Congressional voting on any military action in Syria in favor of a more diplomatic approach on the night of Sept. 10. His proposal includes working with Russian and Chinese officials, along with the U.N., to ensure that Syrian President Bashar al-Assad surrenders his chemical weapons peacefully. Students and staff commented.