Students allowed guns on campus

In light of a court opinion delivered by the Florida First District Court of Appeal, public universities must comply with the statute that legally allows students to keep firearms in their parked cars on campus.

Drug enforcement to take place at Homecoming

University Chief of Police Alexander Casas is concerned over the heightened likelihood of MDMA use at future Homecoming concerts. While the presence of MDMA and other drugs is a concern for the University Police Department, Casas notes that in the previous year few drug-related arrests have been made.

Policy on electronic cigarettes remains unclear

University Chief of Police Alexander Casas said the University Police Department treats electronic cigarettes as it would any cigarette, however, he has not personally seen them being used on-campus. Despite present regulations, however, students say they continue to use e-cigarettes on campus.

UPD reports lower crime rates

Forty-two arrests, 49 thefts, 40 traffic citations and nine burglaries have been reported by the University Police Department since the beginning of summer C.

Uncertainty as text ban nears

When Assistant Chief of FIU Police Alphonse Ianniello was asked if he saw any texting while driving around campus, he said he personally did not.

However, students said they witness their peers texting and driving often.

“I see people texting and driving all the time on campus,” said Roberto Lopez, junior computer science major.