Zainab T Osazin

Student Thoughts: Freedom Week highlights human trafficking terrors

Last week, while walking through the Modesto A. Madique Campus, I saw a makeshift walk-through brothel displayed on the Graham Center Lawn.

A sign outside it read, “Girls! Girls! Girls! Only $35 for 15 min.”

Inside was a dirty bed on the floor with sheets that looked as though they hadn’t been washed in weeks. The dirty wooden walls were marked with stories from girls around the world who were victims of human trafficking.

One wooden plaque told the story of a girl from Albania who was trafficked in France and Italy.

It read, “…No one will ever know. If we succeed and go to police, bad things will happen to our families and everyone will know we are prostitutes. He asked what our family and friends would say if they knew how many men we have been with already.”