Secretary of State’s Foreign Policy Advisory Committee

Center of Leadership honors president of Knight Foundation

Every year at the event, the Center for Leadership presents the Transcendent Leader Award. This year, the award will be presented on Oct. 3 to Alberto Ibargüen, president and CEO of Knight Foundation.The annual Chapman Leadership Honors will be in the Graham Center Ballrooms on Oct. 3 at 6:30 p.m. Anyone must register online at to attend.

Fashion model signed to agency, questions industry

Imagine that you are flipping through a magazine and you come across an ad for a big name clothing company. You see a tall, thin model with a captivating face. This girl could very well be Ashley Garner, a University student studying art history.

What to wear on Valentine’s Day

Do not look at Valentine’s Day as a day to binge on chocolate from your significant other or contemplate running over happy couples. Instead, look at it as an opportunity to get dressed up and go out. Here are a few suggestions of what to wear on the day which is reserved for proclaiming your feelings to your loved ones—or yourself.

How to dress when the weather goes below 70 degrees, without going overboard

I love the brief winters we have in South Florida because I get to break out the boots and blazers that have been lurking in the back of my closet for months. For most of the year, I live in shorts and tank tops, but for a few weeks (or months, if we are lucky) I can wear layers and pretend like I live in the northeast.

Lessons learned from no buy November

I picked up a few things a little more frantically than I needed to and calculated how much I would save. I would have a saved a lot, but while waiting in line for the dressing room I looked down at the things I was holding and decided it was not worth it.

Haute Topic: Shopping ban survival guide

Fashion lovers are materialistic. Do not let them tell you otherwise. I sometimes disgust myself with all the purchases I make or needless objects I lust over. After all, I could be dedicating my time and money to something a little more virtuous.

Haute Topic: Last minute Halloween costumes inspired by fashion

There is nothing as frightening as a visit to a costume shop looking for a Halloween costume with no idea what you are looking for. Instead of shelling out $60 on a promiscuous-looking sailor outfit that you will probably never wear again, try something a little more fashion inspired. Here are a few ideas for costumes that you can put together the days before Halloween weekend.

Haute Topic: Vogue is uninspiring and out of touch

When I was younger, I used to think fashion magazines were my bible. Everything on the glossy pages of Vogue were utter perfection, from the ads to the editorials. I still love flipping through the pages of magazines, but it is becoming more and more rare that I purchase one. I hate to take a serious tone when writing about fashion when it should be a lighthearted topic, but lately I have really been hating American Vogue.

Haute Topic: Traveling light is not always so easy

I will admit that I am a chronic overpacker. Over the summer, I traveled overseas with just one bag. I thought I was such a savvy traveler because I had planned out almost every outfit for the whole time I was on vacation; I even left room for purchases.