Discouraging remarks regarding sexuality harmful

Junette Reyes/Staff Writer

On Feb. 9, the personalities of The Rickey Smiley Morning Show, a nationally syndicated radio show that broadcasts locally on 99.1 Jamz, made crass comments regarding the gay community.

They said that members of the gay community should not “come out of the closet” until they are done with any kind of schooling, including college.

In addition, it was mentioned that one’s sexuality “was nobody’s business,” and that it should be kept private. In agreement with the latter statement, sexuality is certainly a private matter.

However, it is also “nobody’s business” when determining at what point one should or shouldn’t come out.

Such comments might have been stated with regard to the many bullying cases in schools against the gay community, some of which that have even led to suicide.

The well-being of anyone in the gay community is no doubt important, as it is with everyone.

Even so, this does not mean that they should be discouraged further by such remarks, especially when some are already struggling with their sexual identity.

As mentioned before, it is a private matter. Therefore, the only one who should be concerned about their sexuality is the person themselves.

This should also relate when deciding whether or not to come out and who they want to come out to.

Given such a sensitive issue,  radio personalities should be careful with how they go about commenting on personal matters as daunting as this one.

Yes, freedom of speech is by all means allowed, but in a case like this, remarks such as these only make matters worse.

As previously mentioned, they should either leave these matters to the ones that actually need to deal with them, or at least encourage people to be comfortable and accept themselves.

Each bullying case that has led to suicide proves that acceptance is really what the gay community needs, not one more reason to think there is something wrong with them.

The people with the real problem are the ones who are offended to the point of hurting another simply due to a difference in personal matters.

Overall, discouraging statements like this only do more harm than good, despite the good intentions behind them.

We should leave these matters to those who need to deal with them and simply support them as much as we can. In doing so, acceptance of themselves and acceptance from others may very well be achieved.


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