Welcome to FIU 500

Aaron Pabon/Staff Writer

Tires screeching, brakes squealing, and cars colliding. Even though this is not a NASCAR race, this is what can be heard around FIU.

Living in Miami, we are aware that drivers are crazy and it can be a dog-eat-dog world; but why is that the case on campus?

Is it necessary to floor it out of a parking spot?

Do you need to go through the roundabout nearly drifting?

I can hear the squealing of tires from Parking Garage 5 from the other side of the construction of Academic Health Center 4.

Texting while driving still happens, and basic laws like blowing stop signs have been broken, but what I witnessed in January angered me to no end.

I came across a school bus on campus. The bus pulled off to the side, near the Frost Museum to drop of middle school students for a class trip. Noticing the stop indicator, I followed the law and stopped for the safety for potential future Panthers.

While I stopped, another driver in a Camaro decided to drive around the bus doing almost 20 miles per hour.

In case anyone has forgotten: according to the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles, “Florida Motor Vehicles Laws require that motorists stop upon approaching any school bus which displays its flashing red lights and has its stop signs extended.”

By the way Camaro driver: had I been a cop, you would have had to pay a $165 ticket, plus had your license suspended from 90 days to six months.

I implore all of you to to please, take a chill pill, slow down and drive much safer.

Everyday walking around the campus, I always hear the screeching of brakes and
see a near-collision, fender bender or a parked car get tagged.

As a reporter for this paper, I fear that I will have to write about a student getting fatally injured on campus because someone flew out of Gold Garage and hit someone walking to class.

Would you want to read an article with the title, “Student killed in car accident at MMC”?

This is not only directed to drivers of automobiles and motorbikes; this is also directed to the golf cart drivers. While a golf cart may be smaller than a Miata and I could push it over with ease; do you want to get hit by one at full force?

Save the speeding and reckless driving to “Gran Turismo The Real Driving Simulator.”