The minority in South Florida; Not being deathly excited about the World Cup

Rhys Williams/Sports Director-Columnist


I know that some people, especially here in Miami, might think that I am crazy but I am just not that big of a soccer fan. This means that no, I am not overjoyed that it is that time again to watch every world cup game possible.

Now yeah, did I play soccer as a little kid and throughout part of middle school, yes. Did, I try out for my high school team, I sure did. Why is that though? Because it is almost expected.

In a majority of the U.S.A. soccer isn’t that big of a sport. I didn’t really even know that there was the Major League Soccer until probably the beginning of high school, and I still can’t name more than three teams.

I do get a little happy though when the US national team wins, like they did against Ghana recently. However, I am not that excited about the World Cup in general. Meaning yes, I may watch some of the US games but unless they get to the final or even the third place game, I may not watch those games.

In my experience a majority of the time white Americans do not really care about soccer. Plain and simple.

I am just more into football – the American version – than futbol.

I know I’m in the minority with this but I just don’t get how people can sit there and watch a game where people are just kicking the ball back and forth. Also, the fact that a game has the ability to end in a tie just aggravates me.

However, the FIU student body does tend to enjoy FIU and I caught up with Alexa Webb – shown in the video above – who is a soccer fan. She was willing to answer some questions about the World Cup.

With that she speaks about the MLS teams that are coming to Florida in the Orlando City Lions, who just signed soccer superstar Kaka, and the possibility of the David Beckham team. No offense to Beckham but I will not be spending my money buying tickets and sitting in traffic trying to get to even one of those games.


Photo Courtesy of Ricardo Stuckert/Creative Commons

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