Biscayne Bay campus should cater more to Honors College students

Melanie Arougueti/ Contributing writer

As honors students know, this fall and spring they need to accumulate a total of 20 Honors Engagement points, also known as Citizenship Points, and 20 volunteer hours. 

This may seem like a challenge to newcomers, but second and third-year students know from experience that it’s not very difficult.

The Honors Engagement points can be earned by attending lectures on a multitude of topics and club meetings. 

The most popular is called Honors Hour, which students can attend and earn three or four points at a time in between classes if it fits their schedule. 

The problem, frankly, is that honors students who have decided to spend more time on the Biscayne Bay Campus have to make the trip to the Modesto Maidique Campus for the honors college activities. 

The reason behind this is simply that there are no Honors Hours or activities at the Biscayne Bay Campus. 

This might seem shocking, but if one goes on their MyHonors page, they can look at the calendar and realize there aren’t any point-earning events at BBC.

The campus might be smaller and less populated, but we can’t forget to accommodate our Panthers- both honors and the rest of the student body. 


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