FIU Crushes George Mason In Second Matchup

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Richard Gibson/Staff Writer

FIU is playing unstoppable, and their 5-0 record is impressive to say the least. While the George Mason Patriots tried to find the answer, FIU cruised away with a 5-2 win in their first meeting.

FIU couldn’t let up if they wanted to keep impressing the baseball world, and they did so tonight. While things seemed dicey in the beginning, FIU pulled through in the runs department, putting up 16 runs in a 16-4 rout.

 The first inning for George Mason consisted of three straight outs. Pitcher Tyler Myrick made his presence known, and FIU’s offense answered. Derek Cartaya and Alec Sanchez both walked, and Jose Garcia singled, filling the bases. Justin Farmer then singled bringing in two runners, and FIU had something going.

 Ben Rozenblum hit an RBI bringing in Garcia. Off an error by George Mason, Juan Teixiera would get on first. After Farmer attempted to steal home, a wild pitch by the Patriots secured another run. At the end of the first, FIU was already up 4-0.

 The second inning was much shorter. While George Mason did get two walks, that was it for the top of the second. For FIU, Kaeber Rog walked, but that was all for them.

A single for George Mason would eventually turn into a run, as a wild pitch to home brought it in. The damage would stop there, however, and FIU’s lead was cut to 4-1. For FIU, Sanchez singled, but that was all FIU could muster.

The fourth inning started off with a bang, when George Mason hit one out of the park, scoring a run. While things got scary for FIU, Myrick kept his cool and ended the Patriots there. FIU couldn’t do any better, and the score became 4-2.

The top of the fifth saw two Patriots get on base. After a single, both runners scored, tying up the game.  FIU needed to respond, so Cartaya singled, and a balk on George Mason’s pitcher brought him home. Farmer would then single, and a double for Rozenblum brought him home, and the fifth ended with a 6-4 lead for FIU.

George Mason was under pressure once more, but they could only come up with a single in the sixth inning. For FIU, Teixiera singled, and a bunt by Luis Chaves brought him to first. An RBI by Rog brought Teixiera home, and FIU increased their lead to 7-4.

The seventh inning saw a 1-2-3 series for George Mason. For FIU, the floodgates opened. Sanchez, Garcia, and Farmer all walked. Rozenblum would then single, scoring two runs. A single by Teixiera brought in Farmer, and an RBI by Chavez brought in Rozenblum. Jarrett Ford singled, and a single for Cartaya brought home Ford and Teixiera. Any worries vanished, as FIU increased the lead to 13-4. 

George Mason couldn’t deliver in the eighth inning, courtesy of another 1-2-3 series. For FIU, Seth Cannady walked, then Nathan Housen was hit by a pitch. Rozenblum then singled, filling the bases. Teixeira singled, bringing in two runners. A single by Humberto Torres brought home Rozenblum, and FIU increased their lead to 16-4.

Asking to score 12 runs in a single inning for George Mason was too much to ask. A short 1-2-3 series for George Mason ended the game. Pitcher Steven Casey gets the win, only allowing one hit in two innings. 

“Whether you go three or four innings with no runs, you still have the later part of the game to score. I was happy that we were able to score late in the ballgame, and that’s what good teams do. They hung around, and we went ahead and put them away.” said coach Mervyl Melendez

FIU put up 14 hits and 14 RBIS in 37 at bats. Both Rozenblum and Teixiera earned three hits each. Rozenblum also earned four RBI’s leading the team in the category. FIU committed no errors, while George Mason committed three. 

When asked about the game plan, Rozenblum said “We knew with our lineup that we’re always able to strike at any time. We were trying to buy our time, and once we got runners on base we’d be able to string together some good hits and drive in some runs.”

The final meeting between FIU and George Mason will be on Sunday, February 22nd at noon. After that, FIU will begin another three game home series against the Pepperdine Waves, from Friday, February 28th, Saturday, February 29th, and Sunday, March 1st.

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