Hearts Writing Club brings out the best in students’ creativity through writing

Hearts Writing Club creates their own Dungeons and Dragons characters | Photo courtesy of Hearts Writing Club Instagram

Menah-Alla Ahmed | Contributing Writer

Through imaginative prompts and creative freedom, the Hearts Writing Club spotlights students’ creative writing skills.

The Hearts Writing Club’s current president and behavioral neuroscience junior, Abenaa Yamoah, wants the club to be a safe space for students to relax from the stress that comes with being in college. 

“The main purpose of our club is just to create a comforting and collaborative environment for people of all majors to be able to share their stories,” said Yamoah. 

She strives to create an opportunity for students who don’t have a space for creative writing in their major to express themselves. 

“I’m not necessarily in a major that deals with a lot of creative writing. We need more spaces like this on campus especially.” said Yamoah 

The Vice President of the club, Rachel Benchluch, expresses the significance of the club. 

“It’s important to have a space to have a creative outlet like this,” said Benchluch. 

Benchluch also comments on her admiration for writing. 

“Writing is a beautiful thing.” said Benchluch. 

The club also greatly prioritizes diversity and inclusion; the editorial board strives for accessibility and to make sure all students know that they are welcome. 

“We want to embrace a community of people from all walks of life, to have a space and opportunity to be creative and connect with each other,” said Benchluch.

Yamoah also commented on the community the club hopes to foster. 

“We want a welcoming, safe environment for students to share their writing, thoughts, feelings and not be judged,” said Yamoah. 

Hearts Writing Club is also in the process of becoming an RSO-approved club and are planning future collaborations with other organizations on campus such as the Arts Club and Shakespeare Club. 

“There’s so many clubs that are directed towards helping your major or are very career oriented. We wanted to create a space you can decompress,.” said Benchluch. 

This club offers unique and diverse activities for members that are sure to interest anyone. For example, club members attended an advanced screening of the Dungeons and Dragons film that released March of this year.

Their last meeting was based on the topic of rebellion, where they discussed banned books, and provided guests time to write about the theme. 

Overall, this club seems like an amazing opportunity for students to discover past the scope of their major and career.

Yamoah encourages this and discusses having a more holistic view about being in college. 

“College is a very unique time, you’re probably not going to have this experience again. Academics are important, building towards your future career is important but we want to nurture the whole being,” said Yamoah.

Yamoah is passionate and committed to the future of this club and wants to create a valuable space for members.

“My one wish for the writing club is that our current and future members feel the support and confidence in their writing that I felt during my first meeting!” said Yamoah.

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