EDITORIAL: Candidate behavior not up for debate

Disastrous, embarrassing, petty as this debate turned out, it has, on the bright side, drastically simplified the voter’s decision-making process. A candidate’s immaturity, so fundamental in matters of leadership, renders their platform irrelevant, as no plan, however wise or well-intentioned, can be carried out efficiently if the president does not know how to behave.

Presidential debate begins with candidate walk-out

A presidential debate of three turned into a discussion of one, as two out of the three presidential tickets for the 2012 Student Government Council at the Modesto Maidique campus walked out of the debate session on April 2.

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Editorial wrong on court ruling

After examining The Beacon editorial on the SGC-MMC Supreme Court decision in the Ex Parte Velez SC 001 Case, CSR believes The Beacon has overstretched aspects of the court’s ruling, and that with its scathing rhetoric against the court, has overlooked the relevant aspects of the case.