Student media sits with Tony Lucca

The University was host to an array of artists this past Tuesday, July 17, for Summer Fest. Among them is Tony Lucca, musician most famous for appearing on “The Voice.” Student Media got a chance to interview Lucca, revealing a lot about this soulful rock musician.

“FREAKS OF NATURE”: Kaskade gives Miami something to dance about

Miami was electrified this past Saturday, July 14. Kaskade and guest DJ’s took the stage at the Klipsch Amphitheater in Miami this weekend for an explosive performance. Just as the sun started setting, the music began, initiating the party that went all the way to the late hours of the night.

Ninja Warrior TV preliminaries taped on campus

One typically stays late on campus to study or complete an assignment, but last week, hopefuls from all over the east coast stayed into the late hours of the night on the Modesto Maidique Campus to compete for the chance to be the next “American Ninja Warrior.”