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Campus Man 2012 is more than just a “ladies’ man”

The male pageant event went hand in hand with the University’s Panhellenic sorority tradition of philanthropic events that raise money for various causes. Cystic fibrosis, an inherited chronic disease which affects the lungs and digestive system of 30,000 children and adults in the U.S. alone, is dear to the women of DPhiE. All the proceeds from the Campus Man event benefit the foundation.

Alum turned Heat announcer

Miami Heat fans attend the basketball games for the “Heat experience,” but they might overlook an important member on the sidelines. He’s amongst the crowd, cheering for our team and encouraging fans.

Poor acting on “A Gifted Man” negates interesting plot line

“A Gifted Man” has the premise of an ingenious, arrogant doctor named Michael Holt (Wilson) who is accustomed to his upscale lifestyle. He gets an unexpected visit from his dead ex-wife, Anna Paul, who he claims to still love — you don’t see that very often.

Channel Surfing: “Once Upon A Time” puts a new spin on fairy tales

“Once Upon a Time” surprisingly enchanted audiences on Sunday, racking up 12.8 million viewers and gaining the crown for best tune-in for this season’s fall drama premiere. There is no doubt that viewers will be able to reminisce the characters that lived in a dusty fable book, but they’ve got another thing coming.

CHANNEL SURFING: Creepy Halloween episodes excite

With Halloween coming up, what could be better than a spooky lineup of shows? I have TV shows to keep me busy with all the drama – witchy drama. Shows like “Ringer,” “The Secret Circle” and “Pretty Little Liars” released Halloween episodes that will set you in the mood for the season. Something wicked this way comes.

CHANNEL SURFING: Premieres show potential

Many shows we have grown attached to are coming to an end. With the fall season in full swing, new shows with a potential for bigger impact are premiering soon. It is like TV networks have remembered that school is in session, and viewers have got their thinking caps on. Trust me, we will need them for some of these shows.

Channel Surfing: Comedy Central, or not

This year’s fall season has been full of many promising new comedy material, but it is clear that comedic acting isn’t for everyone. It seems like any show that has a laugh track is classified as comedy – even if the show is a complete flop.