British electronic duo to take over Miami at Bardot nightclub

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Sara Leiter / Contributing Writer

The english electronic music duo better known as Mount Kimbie is coming to to perform live in Midtown, Miami at Bardot on this Tuesday October 15, 2013. The stop is part of a North American tour for their latest album, “Cold Spring Fault Less Youth”. Mount Kimbie will be a special guest as a part of Bardot’s Tuesday night party, Slap and Tickle.

After meeting at Southbank University in London circa 2008, Dominic Maker and Kai Campos poured their musical skills into the electronic duo dubbed Mount Kimbie. Their debut album Crooks and Lovers was released in 2010 under Hotflush Recordings in the UK . Prior to Crooks and Lovers, Mount Kimbie had acquired a fan base with their two EPs, “Maybes” and “Sketch on Glass”, under the same record label.

 Multiple publications including Pitchfork Media and Vice Magazine saluted the electronic super duo for their beautifully clever tracks.

 Maker and Campos went on to create two more EPs before releasing “Cold Spring Fault Less Youth” under Warp Records on May 28, 2013. The release of the second album was announced in March by Pitchfork.

 Campos has stated in interviews that Mount Kimbie worked on staying away from putting out anything that sounded like their first album. The duo found that imitating anyone, especially themselves, fell flat and didn’t work. The drum and beat progression throughout Made to Stray, one of their new singles, presents a record that clearly sets itself apart from Crooks and Lovers.

 The duo has progressed in the complexity and depth of their overall sound with this new album. Mount Kimbie’s music has matured and branched out into doing collaborations with other popular British artists such as King Krule and James Blake. As part of promotion for their new album, Mount Kimbie also performed a set at Boiler Room that they called Mount Kimbie and friends. The live performance included remixes and  James Blake as a guest Dj.

 The relaxed and classy atmosphere of Bardot is the perfect setting for the dreamy and bold sounds of Mount Kimbie. The duo are sure to impress attendees with a mind numbing live performance.

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