Credit card acceptance moving FIU forward

Editorial Board/FIUSM Staff 

Until recently, members of the FIU community had to deal with several departments having different stances on what credit card providers they accepted.

We can all agree this was a huge inconvenience, as it limited the services members of the FIU community could take advantage of.

For example, Visa was accepted at dining locations while it wasn’t accepted to pay for tuition. The largest exception to this is the Department of Parking and Transportation, which takes all credit cards.

The University has now finally made Visa a University-wide accepted credit card, and we commend them for it. It was a real hassle for several students to find out that they couldn’t pay for their classes at the cashier’s office due to Visa not being accepted. This was the biggest issue involving the acceptance of certain credit card providers, so it definitely is a good thing that the University is taking into consideration the needs of its members.

The next step for the University is to accept more cards and follow the example set forth by the Department of Parking and Transportation. As previously mentioned, parking accepts all credit cards.

We understand that each department has its own interests in mind when it comes to accepting certain credit card providers; however, the purpose of University departments that work with the FIU community is to serve their members. With that in mind, the departments need to take into account the variety of cards that the community has access to. Not everyone is given a credit card and those that are able to get one don’t always have access to Visas.