Sitdown with Flight Williams from Outta This World

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Junette Reyes & Diego Saldaña-Rojas/FIUSM Staff

In collaboration with WRGP Radiate FM’s radio program titled Local Radiation, FIU Student Media has had the chance to previously sit down and interview artist Smurphio from the local electronic funk band known as Afrobeta. This time, FIU Student Media got to sit down with Flight Williams, a local artist involved in the hip-hop scene of Miami.

Flight Williams is a member of the collective hip-hop group known as Outta This World, OTW for short. Flight Williams is also known for his solo material and is currently working on material outside of Outta This World, including released singles “Circus,” “Where You At Wit It,” and “Monsters” from his upcoming solo mixtape titled “Lucid.”

Here is how the interview with rapper Flight Williams went:

How long have you been in the rap game in South Florida?

I’ve been rapping since about I’d say third grade. But I’ve been taking it seriously, I’d have to say, since about my 10th grade year in high school.

Tell us a little bit about your latest material.

I dropped a project with my other group mate, Rell Burgundy, called “Raw.” Dropped that in March, I believe it was, of last year. Now I’m currently working on my second solo mixtape, “Lucid.”

What are some of your favorite singles from your latest material?

“Circus” is a good one. I’d say “Circus” is something you can put up in the club, put in your car. “Where You At Wit It,” I dropped that one too. I dropped another one called “Monsters.” That one is more on the lyrical side. It really is more about the lyrics, trying to get more into the personal side of my music. “Monsters” is a good one as well.

What artists have influenced you and your music?

I would have to say I’m a real big fan of Big L. Just the way he freaking kills everything he gets on. His freestyle, wordplay and punch lines. I’m a real big fan of punch lines. I’d also say Heresy; just laid back, be yourself, cool music. And Lil Wayne, the old Lil Wayne; “Tha Carter II” and previous. Those are pretty much my influences when it comes to rap.

How do you feel you are contributing to the hip-hop scene in Miami?

I feel like me and the other two cats I have with me are being real. I feel like we are bringing that real personal music back. It’s about us, man. That’s real, taking it back to the way hip-hop music started. Going back to the roots of hip-hop.

What are some commons themes in your music and lyrics? 

It’s just me and myself, really. No theme in particular. Just going at it with myself.

Do your rhymes reflect a lot upon the city? Do you make any references about Miami and it’s culture?

Oh, yeah. I’m always making “pimping” and “macking” references. I feel like that whole “pimping” and “macking” aspect came from the south. I feel like artists like Trick Daddy and even Rick Ross have the “pimping” and “macking” aspect in their music. So that’s something I can say from Miami that I really can put in my music. 

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