Miami is drowning its own alternative music scene

Photo: Jacuzzi Boys performing at the Museum of Contemporary Art. By Diego Saldaña-Rojas/Opinion Director 

Junette Reyes  / Editor-in-Chief

Miami as a whole is a self-destructive city, particularly when its ever-changing music scene is taken into consideration.


Pretty Girls performing at the Vagabond. Junette Reyes/Editor-in-Chief

Venues come and go as they please for various reasons. The traditions and history that come with these venues are therefore rarely maintained in this city that is constantly on the move and constantly obsessed with erasing anything that is not youthful anymore.

The venues that do remain usually cater to a specific type of sound and audience, more likely the sound and audience that is now considered “hip” or “trendy.”


Off Orbit performing at Tobacco Road. Junette Reyes/Editor-in-Chief

Speaking of the audience, they are the most fickle, unreliable group of people you will ever come across. An entire culture has been established around what is popularly known as “Miami Time,” meaning everyone is always late to an event, leaving the bands and artists who open shows to play to nothing but a handful of people at times.

On another note regarding the crowd, I sometimes get the general vibe that Miami’s audience rarely goes out to these events to truly enjoy a band or artist for its art but rather more for the sake of going out, which is understandable. We live in a bustling city where there’s always something to do, so you’ll never be bored—if you’re the right age.


Plastic Pinks performing at Churchill’s Pub. Diego Saldaña-Rojas/Opinion Director


Deaf Poets performing at Churchill’s Pub. Diego Saldaña-Rojas/Opinion Director

Still, in a city where the arts are clearly so important, Miami’s music and its scene often seem to be cast aside by its residents. More often than not, light is usually only shed upon the dance culture within Miami, but Miami is full of so much more than a really good dance beat.

And this is all coming from someone who has only just begun to dip their toes into the water. I’m speaking as an observer, as someone who has actually come to know a lot of these artists who are trying their best to make something out of this city. And I’m with them, because I really feel this city is worth fighting for. It might have the ultimate formula to self-destruct, but Miami’s music scene is only just beginning to grow and the city and its people need to realize that and start supporting the individuals that make this place all the more bearable.

4 Comments on "Miami is drowning its own alternative music scene"

  1. Unfortunetly i think this has to do with lack of awareness on the artists behalf….todays music industry is instant, mainly do to social media…everyone can go to there newsfeed to see a bands peromance, or use streaming services as they work… Coming from this music scene ,and my personal expieriences people will come to see an artist they can attain through social media…and the fault most artist are making is worrying to much about playing shows, and not enough on putting out recordings, and videos….your real fans will love the artist because they have the music at there possession to relate to it when they want to…if your music is good, then its good and the universe will come to you….bands jump the gun and worry to much about whats ahead instead of buckling down and creating music, piece by piece….music comes first…not shows….

  2. Thank you for saying what many of us who truly go out to enjoy the music scene have been thinking all along.

  3. It is important for an artist to have video recordings, but with that said it is expensive to them made, hence artist gig in order to do such. Also, there is nothing better than to see the artist live. In my humble opinion it’s a bit more complex. In my opinion Miami has a wealth in artist and a decline in lovers of art. I can never understand as to why a someone would rather hang out at a venue that offers you nothing more than a cheap beer rather than hanging out at a venue that offers cheap beer and a great band.
    It mind boggles me as to why one would not have the desire to expand the brain, and music and art do just that expands the brain. On another note Deaf Poets are excellent I bet you enjoyed that show!

  4. Nicely done, couldn’t agree more.

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