FIU Men’s Soccer vs. FGCU (Photos)


FIU forward and team captain Quentin Albrecht maneuvers around FGCU players in the first half. Maria Lorenzino/ The Beacon


Midfielder Donald Tomlinson(right) passes the ball to midfielder Roberto Alterio. Maria Lorenzino/ The Beacon


Defender Marvin Hezel celebrates with his teammates after scoring the first goal in the game against FGCU. The panthers beat FGCU 2-1. Maria Lorenzino/ the Beacon


Defender Sean McFarlane maneuvers the ball around an FGCU player. Maria Lorenzino/ The Beacon


Goalkeeper David Mitchell catches the ball and prevents FGCU from scoring. Mitchell replaced goalkeeper Robin Speigel after Speigel was benched due to a foot injury in a previous game. Krono Lescano/ The Beacon


The men’s team celebrates a goal scored by midfielder Nicholas Midttun against FGCU. FIU beat the eagles 2-1. Krono Lescano/ The Beacon


Defender Sean McFarlane is issued a red card during the second half of the game. Krono Lescano/ The Beacon


Midfielder Roberto Alterio fights for a goal during the last minutes of the game against FGCU. Although Alterio did not score, FIU won the game 2-1. Maria Lorenzino/ The Beacon


The crowd cheers for the panthers in the final moments of the game. Krono Lescano/ the beacon

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