FIU Women’s Soccer Club Touts First Year Success; Prepares for Year Two

Michael Jimenez/ Contributing Writer

With the FIFA Women’s World Cup in action, soccer is becoming a growing popularity in South Florida. One such club that can excite many soccer fans is the Women’s Soccer Club. Founded just a year ago, the club was created in July of 2014 by Daniela Dupont and her friend after their mutual love of soccer led them to believe there should be a women’s soccer club on campus. “I personally formed the club because I have been playing soccer for 10 years and really enjoy playing the sport as well as watching soccer games…” She went on to add: “I thought forming this club would be a nice way to unite other young women at FIU who also enjoy playing soccer and get some soccer matches going with other state universities.”

Right from the start, this club has made a big impact on the FIU community in making a name for themselves.  As one of FIU’s newer sports clubs, Dupont has done everything she can to attract soccer fans at FIU to join and the success the club achieved in its first year was remarkable. “We competed in one tournament invitational, one fundraising tournament and about six games. Overall, the team did a great job for its first year and won most of its matches.”

The club grows with new members joining every semester and they have not been disappointed.     “Any woman FIU student interested in playing soccer with other universities with or without previous experience.” She said members should expect “to work as a team with other members, dedicate around 4-6 hours a week to the sport and have fun playing the sport.”

Once in the club, new members will have the opportunity to improve their skills while meeting other soccer players from FIU and other universities. They will have the chance to learn from their peers as well as head coach Fabien Machea. The women will form a team that practices together, participates in fundraisers and competes out on the field.

As Dupont and the team prepare for year two, she hopes to expand its roster as well as the number of matches it will play against soccer clubs from other Florida universities. Her effort in expanding this club shows the FIU community that the Women’s Soccer Club will become a mainstay at FIU for years to come.

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