Editorial: Back to school means back to business

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It’s that time again. Time to arrive on campus two hours before class to find parking. Time to dodge flyers from the many organizations lining the halls of GC. Time to wait in line at the bookstore for three books that total $1000. Time to be intimidated and excited by new classes and professors.

It’s also time for this editorial board to get back to work.

The job of this paper and this editorial board is to provide the student body, faculty and staff with university news. Among the stories we have taken the responsibility of covering in order to keep students updated, are developments of the fairgrounds. This paper will also keep the student body updated on hurricanes that may affect classes.

The Beacon will keep the student body informed about issues regarding the use of their tuition, the changes happening in the health centers, the additions of fees and other changes on campus that are pertinent to the FIU student lifestyle.

But, like all newspapers, The Beacon is changing. FIU Student Media made a commitment to multimedia and online content in recent years, and the push this year will be even stronger than before.

Our commitment to the student body is to continue providing content that matters in media that students can readily and easily consume. Accessibility is just as much our goal as reliability and relevance.

So, in between joining clubs and studying, pick up a copy of The Beacon every Monday, Wednesday and Thursday to stay updated on what’s going on around campus.

If you’re on the go, FIU Student Media will make sure to keep you informed on Twitter and Facebook, as well as on our website, FIUSM.com.

This editorial board promises the students it serves that it will investigate and report the things that matter to them, and to be an outlet through which their voices may be heard. Get ready for a great year, Panthers – we already are.

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