The disparity between STEM and the humanities

Gabrielle Garcia/Staff writer

As the world plunges deeper into a technological reality, epistemological endeavors venture toward the sciences and the world of mathematics. Now more than ever, educators across all primary and higher learning platforms advocate that a STEM education paves the way for the future and should thus be the focal point in our national curriculum.

There is no doubt that technologies of all kinds have contributed to the progression of our world; However, such an intense focus on STEM has created a disadvantageous disparity between STEM subjects, the humanities and the arts. Because these disparities have consistently grown, thousands of art programs in elementary, middle and high schools around the nation have been defunded and even cut. At the college level, from my own personal experience, it seems that the sciences are a more central focus among the student population, while the arts remain in the shadows.

As an English major, I cannot begin to express how fortunate I am to have been exposed to such diverse approaches to not only the world of literature but also to the world of academia, providing me with the opportunity to establish connections with several thematic, pedagogical and cultural disciplines. Being an English major has not only given me the chance to develop my analytical and critical thinking skills but it has also shown me the true value in studying and understanding the past to better understand the present.

Although studying and developing the sciences is extremely important, the arts and the humanities are not of lesser importance. These disciplines provide a creative lense in addition to a means of understanding the abstract existences we may encounter and attempt to comprehend. Education shouldn’t solely be about producing potential employees—rather, education should cater to all sorts of minds and interests in efforts to produce the most well-rounded and equipped individuals with the skills to coexist with one another.

It’s time for state educational institutions across the nation to better diversify their programs of study and give their undivided attention to the arts and humanities. Reducing funding and cutting arts programs in schools needs to come to an end in order to prevent a lack of diversity among student bodies pursuing higher education across our nation. All voices and all minds deserve to be heard, challenged and understood; one discipline of study is no better than another.


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