Homecoming is a special campus tradition

Cindy Cuadra/ Staff Writer

As homecoming week approaches, excitement around FIU grows. With the Panthermonium concert and the traditional homecoming parade and football game, students are hyped to show even more of their school spirit during this week-long tradition.

But why do Panthers show more school spirit during this time of the year compared to any other time?

According to an article published by Active.com, homecoming is a tradition centered around a football game and surrounded by events such as pep rallies, dances, concerts, parades, etc. with the intention to unite alumni with students and faculty to create a bigger sense of school spirit.

Perhaps homecoming shouldn’t be seen as a means to revive school spirit or lack of school spirit, but rather to emphasize the school spirit that is already there. Homecoming is a tradition that is supposed to be exceptional compared to every other event. Since it also involves bringing back FIU alumni to join the events, there is a higher level of school spirit during this time of the year.

Panthers may also show more school spirit during homecoming week because the promotion is more extensive. At the beginning of every fall semester, the revelation of the featured artists, in the Graham Center pit, has becoming a phenomenon in itself and students look forward to the anticipation every year.

Aside from being advertised more extravagantly than any other event in the year, homecoming is also a week long. Events like the Panther Prowl comedy show and the Panther’s Got Talent show or the Homecoming Dance give students an opportunity to build up that school spirit to lead up to the long-awaited homecoming game. In addition, every Panther has free admission to all these events.

Thanks to the homecoming council, these events are perfectly spanned out and marketed at the beginning of the fall semesters. The council carefully executes each promotional event so that every Panther knows exactly when and where these activities will take place.
Panthers definitely express more school spirit during this time of the year and there is nothing wrong with that because homecoming is a Panther tradition that is meant to be special. After all, everything has a time and place and while homecoming is all fun and games, the rest of the year, we have our studies to focus on.


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