MMC’s Wellness Center wants to help participants ‘Lose it’

Heather O’dell // Staff Writer

If you’re looking to make some lifestyle changes during spring semester,  you can start with FIU’s Lose it program.

The program runs from Jan. 30 to April 14, and participants will go through a fitness assessment, three weigh-ins, weekly group counseling sessions and unlimited group workouts.

“This is more than a weight-loss program,” said Cindy Makita, personal trainer for Lose it. “Lose It is really all about changing our client’s perspectives on exercise and eating well; it’s a change in lifestyle.”

Along with group workouts, participants will have the opportunity to learn about healthier alternatives to foods they enjoy eating with a one-time cooking session. Sara Holtzman, coordinator of Fitness and Programming, is one of the driving forces behind the Lose it program that provides students and faculty with the resources to become healthier and happier.

“I take suggestions from participants about what kinds of foods they’d like a healthier recipe for, and then we cook some of those together,” Holtzman said. “We also go over portion sizes and easy ways to meal prep/plan ahead for eating on the go.”

The workout prescriptions for the program are created by the trainers themselves and with each participant’s needs in mind.

“I like to create a combination of cardio and weight training for my coaching sessions,” said Makita. “These workouts are geared toward weight loss, but are created so that everyone can participate. It is important to think of my client’s fitness level and having a modified version of each exercise.”

The trainer also said she feels accomplished when she sees her former clients become regulars at the gym.

“Last spring semester I taught 10 ladies that were part of the Lose it program,” said the personal trainer. “Hearing their stories and watching them continue to make progress after the program ended really reminded me why I love being a part of this.”

FIU’s ‘Lose it’ reminds people that it isn’t about the number on the scale or how they look in the mirror, but why it is important to live a healthy lifestyle by exercising and eating right.

“Make the time, change your perspective,” said Makita. “Build bonds with the trainers and with others on the same journey. It is about time you put yourself and your body first.”

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