Army ROTC hosts swearing-in ceremony for Second Lieutenants

Guethshina Altena & Joshua Ceballos/ News Assistant Director

Nicolas Palmieri and Christopher Priestly were commissioned as officers into the U.S. Army on Wednesday Sept. 20. Both soldiers were sworn in as Second Lieutenants and selected for Infantry.

“As the past Cadet Command Sergeant Major of the program I had the wonderful opportunity to mentor many cadets under me. One thing that I have learned the last 3 years within my academic and military path to officership from the many experiences that I have experienced, both good and bad, is that “leaders” are not just those who are officers in the military, professors, parents, presidents, CEO’s, managers or millionaires.” Priestly said
“Leaders are you and I; everyone is a leader. The reason being is because , no matter how low or how high you are, your actions and the words you say will always have in influence and an impact on everyone around you. Subordinates, superiors, and peers. So if everyone acknowledges that point, then more people will feel more inclined to hold themselves accountable for their actions and their words, thus promoting a more positive environment all around.” Priestly said
Army 2
Army 3 (1)
Palmieri swears his commitment to the U.S. Army.
 Army 4
Palmieri has his cap placed with the rank mark. Army 5
 Priestly embraces his mother as his father pins his rank mark on his cap. Army 6
 Pictures by Shivv Pancha/Panther Press

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