Trump’s sexual bias is hypocritical

Fabienne Fleurantin/ Staff Writer

It’s no surprise that Donald Trump made the news…again.

With all the sexual assault allegations that are coming out these days, the president is outraged by the acts these men have committed and rightly so. Only this time, he is picking which attackers he is disgusted by.

“Trump moved quickly Thursday to condemn accusations against Minnesota Democratic Sen. Al Franken as ‘really bad,’ but he has remained conspicuously silent on the more serious claims leveled against Roy Moore, the Republican in Alabama’s special Senate race who faces allegations he sexually assaulted teenage girls decades ago,” according to the Associated Press.

I see the pot calling the kettle black.

Not too long ago, Trump himself was caught on video, graphically describing what he would do to women, saying that he wanted to “grab their p—-.” Not to mention the fact that he called Hillary Clinton “a nasty woman” right in the middle of a presidential debate, and the allegations against him from women are being ignored.

How can someone be so selective about sexual assault? You cannot pick and choose whether someone is as disgusting as someone else if they both did they same thing. It doesn’t matter how you shape it or frame it — sexuall assault is wrong and should not happen at all.

The sheer fact that all of these women were brave enough to share their stories to the world about men who have been getting away with these despicable acts just because they could is commendable.

People in power should not neglect the responsibility that has been designated to them and violate. They took the time to gain someone’s trust so intimately, to then break it so callously.

Trump is the president of the United States and this is how he chooses to act? I can’t say that I am surprised, yet I am still appalled. He should have better sense to condemn these men publicly for what they did, and not only let the general public know, but them as well, mentioning that what they did will never be okay.

The behavior that the president is demonstrating is awful and should not be tolerated. If he acts like it is okay to criticize one person, but not all people for sexual assault, this could become an example to the public of what type of sexual assault is okay and not okay to address.

With all these allegations coming out of the woodwork, I am glad we are talking about sexual assault and how this is a serious problem, not only in politics and the entertainment industry, but the country as a whole. Mr. Trump needs to see that as well.



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