Former Costa Rican President to Research Western Hemisphere relations at FIU

Former Costa Rican President Luis Guillermo Solis. Photo by Gabriella Durand/PantherNOW

By: Joshua Ceballos/News Director


Former President of Costa Rica, Luis Guillermo Solís Rivera gave a presentation in the GC Ballrooms  on Thursday, Sept. 13 to commemorate his first day as a distinguished visiting scholar for the Latin American and Caribbean Center at SIPA.

His presentation, titled “The Future of The Americas,” touched on issues such as the anti-free trade arguments occuring in the Trump era, frustration with democratic governance in Caribbean countries and the the state of human rights violations in places such as Venezuela.

“I am here to learn and also to share my experiences as chief executive of a democratic nation,” said Solis to Student Media. “Being in Miami constitutes a tremendous privilege because I can find many points of relationship that will be of significant importance to me as I relate to the rest of this hemsphere.”

In 2005, Solis wrote a book with University President Mark B. Rosenberg titled “The United States and Central America,” and was previously a Fullbright professor at the University in 1999 before his presidency in 2014.

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