It’s Time People Told The Truth About Self-Love

Brea Jones/ Staff Writer

Social media has a way of distorting everything. The latest victim of this trend is self-love.

Self-love is more than taking bubble baths or buying yourself that gift you wanted. This practice requires hard work and long looks in the mirror for self-reflection. Until people begin to face the truth; the peace they are seeking will be forever hidden.

Self-love is not as easy as people make it out to be. There are very few examples of people who have achieved self-love and peace because so few people understand and implement the needed practices in their lives.

The key to achieving self-love goes back to Abraham Maslow and his theory of the called Hierarchy of Need.

Most people have learned about this theory during their freshman year of college in SLS but, as quickly as it is learned it is forgotten and dismissed.

The second important reason people are not achieving true happiness is because they expect immediate results and when they do not get it they give up.

The whole purpose of Maslow’s theory is to acknowledge that achieving self-love and true happiness takes time and is a process. It is by no means an easy task

Social media has created monsters in all of us. We have formed this need to appease everyone. The battle for ‘likes’ and ‘shares’ has caused us to become fake and we become miserable when we return to the reality of our real lives.

Everyone wants to be someone’s life goals and get caught up in the glam life but it is time we all understand life should be more than that.

Because we are all in a battle to impress each other we neglect our own happiness.

It is important that people begin to spend time with themselves and learn who they are.

A lot of people avoid alone time because they don’t want to face their truth, problems, and pain. Until we get comfortable with ourselves it will be impossible to be happy.

While walks in the park and bubble baths are amazing and can help clear your mind for the moment, if there is a bigger and deeper problem within you have to take the correct measures to solve the problem.


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