SPC rings in the semester with second annual drag brunch

Rashawn Raysor/Staff Writer

Spring has blossomed to life three weeks into the semester with the Student Programming Council’s fabulous event. On Jan. 25, SPC hosted the second annual Drag Brunch in the Graham Center ballrooms, where you could enjoy a rather late breakfast and watch the performances of famous drag queens like Vanessa Vanjie Mateo of “RuPaul’s Drag Race”. Other amazing performers included: Angie Ovahness Pryce; Asheeria Pryce; Jasmine Pryce Lords and Rihanna Patron.

For those who haven’t been to a drag show before. It’s an incredible mixture of lip-synching, dance, fashion, music and fun to be had. The queens dress in creative, colorful costumes and do a runway strut while lip-synching and dancing to a set of songs. It’s a stunning combination to behold.

The performances were all about boldness, showmanship, and unabashed self-expression. Several of the queen’s’ sets included cartwheels, dramatic falls to the floor, twerking, twirls, and grand poses. There was such a confident and bold energy that permeated the atmosphere as each Queen did their set. All the queens struck a strong chord with the audience. Each set was followed by thunderous applause and deafening screams.

The music for the different sets was phenomenal. A mixture of several hit songs by popular female artists like Rihanna, Beyoncé, Madonna and Cardi B.The songs were remixed heavily to fit each queen’s set. Genres were blended and fused in such a way to evoke the feeling of a fashion show runway and a club dancefloor.

On top of the shows-topping performances of the queens, there was also a drag ball in which audience members participated. Several of the audience members gave the professional queens a run for their money. There were slick dances moves and crazy antics abound. Jackets and other articles of clothing were dramatically tossed aside. There was even a participant who was dressed like Dora from “Dora the Explorer” and danced to the show’s theme song. This was just the intermission at the brunch.    

After all the sets were done the queens held a question and answer session outside the Ballrooms for all who were interested. Topics that were up for discussion included gossip and possible spoilers relating season 11 of “RuPaul’s Drag Race,” what drag means to all of the queens and general advice.

The SPC’s Drag Brunch was a truly amazing time. A thrilling experience the likes of which this reporter had never seen before. And more importantly, an occasion for FIU’s queer students to be themselves and celebrate. Rhianna Patron even said proudly at the end of one her sets, “I’m queer deal with it!” This quote summed up the atmosphere in the ballrooms perfectly. Nothing but sheer confidence and defiant self-expression. This prideful proclamation was met with feverous applause. The excitement of the LGBT students that were at the event was almost tangible.  


Featured photo was taken from FIU SPC Facebook.

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