Futuristic Painting Decorates SASC

The Wynwood-inspired painting inside FIU’s Student Academic Success Center was made by Miami and Cuban-based artist Glexis Novoa. Anna Radinsky/PantherNOW

Jason Grioua/Contributing Writer 

A painting that looks like it’s straight out of an indie video game hangs above the admissions welcome center at FIU’s Student Academic Success Center.

In a font that looks like graffiti, FIU’s motto reads “SPES SCIENTIA FACULTAS,” meaning hope, knowledge, opportunity.

The painting was made by Miami-based artist Glexis Novoa and was commissioned as part of Florida’s Art in State Buildings program, according to Erica Corsano, the content and communications manager of the Frost Art Museum. 

Corsano said that the program committee members worked with the office of FIU’s president “to identify an appropriate artwork that could connect with the space and welcomes visitors to the Student Academic Success Center.”

Novoa grew up in Havana, Cuba and has lived in Miami since 1995. He splits his time working between his studios in Havana and Wynwood.

“Since the late 80s, he has produced art in many different media, including painting, performance, installation, and most recently, graphite drawings-the material that would become his trademark,” said Corsano. 

The painting was installed in two different panels on September 6, 2019 by LogicArt Miami. 

The installation of the painting took over five hours to complete and is a total size of 12 by 18 feet.

A reception for the newly placed work took place on November 4, 2019, supported by FIU’s Office of Enrollment Management Services.

“For more than three decades, futurist architecture has played a continuous narrative in Glexis Novoa’s work. Novoa invites the viewer to reflect on the future and leads us to value the actions of the present,” said Corsano. 

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