Fountain On Campus Mysteriously Filled With Foam

Images provided by Raul Perez, Groundskeeper Supervisor

By: Jordan Coll / Assistant News Director

The fountain near the Graham Center, where usually students gather to relax and take time off from their classes, has been unexplainably filled with foam. 

After students posted videos on social media of the mysterious foam found in the fountain, the source of the soap is still unknown. 

FIU Facilities Management oversees the maintenance of campus grounds, including walkways, parking lots, roadways, interior courtyards, lakes, and ponds. The unit also reviews and approves landscape plans for new construction projects brought up by the university itself.

“This has been happening for the past month,” said Raul Perez, Groundskeeper Supervisor who has been with FIU facility maintenance for a year now. The first time the incident was reported on Feb.3 and the second time was Feb.10.

Jimmy Almansa, Facility Maintenance Coordinator first reviewed the footage noticing two individuals placing “what seemed to be bars of soap inside the fountain,” said Almansa 

“The problem is that if this foam were to get into the pipes it can cause 8,000 dollars worth of damage,” said Almansa. “I think more overnight monitoring of FIU police is needed.”

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