5 Netflix Original Series Worth Binging While Under Quarantine

Dante Nahai/Staff Writer

Netflix has a vast catalog of shows that range in genres from nonstop action to comedy. There’s at least one show made for any viewer. While we’re in quarantine until further notice, here are five Netflix originals that are worth the watch while staying inside. 

“Daredevil” by Drew Goddrad

“Daredevil” is a Marvel comic book series that shines just as bright as other well-received superhero shows and movies. From the accuracy of the “Daredevil” comics to the talented acting from the whole cast, the show has a perfect blend of grittiness and action. It’s a show that outdoes itself with each season. I couldn’t recommend a better series to watch- it’s so good you’ll end up rewatching it. Unfortunately, the series was canceled after the third season but it still left on a high note. 

“BoJack Horseman” by Raphael Bob-Waksberg 

“BoJack Horseman” is one of the best adult animation cartoons ever made. At first glance, the show seems like just another animated comedy with anthropomorphic animals. But then the show takes a turn and hits the viewer with relatable topics, like addiction or depression, while still maintaining a level of comedy that doesn’t take away from the more serious ideas. The show ran for six seasons and the last episodes left viewers with a satisfying ending. There are rumors that there may be another season. 

“Master of None” by Aziz Ansari and Alan Yang

“Master of None” is a semi-biographical series. The two seasons are made up of aspects of Aziz Ansari’s life, following the struggle to find what he wants, making the show relatable to many viewers. With a perfect blend of comedy and drama, “Master of None” leaves the viewers wanting more. So far there hasn’t been a confirmation of a third season, but Ansari has mentioned he would be happy to make another one. 

“Love” by Judd Apatow, Lesley Afrin, and Paul Rust.

With three seasons, “Love” is a show that follows the lives of a socially awkward male character and an adventurous female. The show manages to captivate the audience and have them root for the main characters. Sure, they do some questionable actions, like scream at each other on a film set, but watching them make these mistakes and learning to fix their issues shows a more humane side of these characters. Something we don’t always see in a romance series.  

“Castlevania” by Warren Ellis 

The show has great animation and is loosely based off of the video game “Castlevania III: Dracula’s Curse.” Some of its humor and tone can be a little too edgy, like having exaggerated gore or excessive profanity, but maybe that’s because that’s the norm in the medieval fantasy genre. As of now, there are three seasons. There is confirmation of a fourth season being developed.

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