DUELING COLUMN: A Final Endorsement Of Joe Biden

Robert Crohan/Staff Writer

As 2020 and the term of President Donald Trump draw to a close, let us look back and reflect.

The famous electoral question “are you better off than you were four years ago?” is still relevant. Personally, I am not, and neither are most of the people I know. The numbers tell all: Trump is the first president to never be approved of — not once — after inauguration.

Every person I talk to, regardless of their political stance, agrees on one critical thing: we are too divided. We are going in the wrong direction. We are a mess. But the way I see it, there is a way out: to unite America, Build Back Better, and resolve our outrageous crises. We must elect Joe Biden to be President of the United States.

I understand that this is annoying for many, to say the least. Joe Biden, along with Kamala Harris, were opposed by some of my progressive friends. Voters, especially those of color, must decide for themselves how to vote. However, it seems to me that nothing in politics happens overnight. If we want change, Joe Biden seems a step towards that. And my vote is not just against Trump, but is strongly for Joe.

My vote is not just against Trump, but is strongly for Joe.

As Vice President, he took the reins in addressing our broken economy. Indeed, data indicates that unemployment has been dropping sharply since 2010 (until COVID-19). During COVID-19, Trump has been cutting protections for workers, even as seven million Americans lost their health insurance and he is trying to gut the ACA. 

And while I do not blame Trump for the current situation, I believe he could have done more to address COVID-19’s impact. Instead, he spent more time playing golf than meeting with Dr. Anthony Fauci and intentionally lied to the public. Joe Biden wants to expand testing, contact tracing, and implement a popular mask mandate if necessary.

Trump has worsened America’s global position. While withdrawing us from global initiatives and insulting our allies, he has created an opening for autocratic rivals to fill the void. As Floridians, we value freedom as many of us escaped authoritarianism. Seeing the President undermine our values for PR should alarm us all. Joe Biden will rebuild our alliances with important partners while standing up to the autocrats Trump has coddled or enabled.

Joe Biden cares deeply about the environment, while Donald Trump does not. His climate plan will create millions of good-paying jobs and progress our longtime obligation to transition to clean energy. Trump, on the other hand, has slashed Obama/Biden-era regulations on pollution while sacrificing our treasured Alaska National Wildlife Refuge for peanuts worth of oil.

Joe Biden understands that an economy cannot recover unless you reach out to everyone. That is why he will “Build Back Better” with a public health jobs corps, the extension of financial relief during the pandemic and a minimum wage hike.

Trump has done little to address the outsourcing of over 200,000 jobs and has sat to the side as costs go through the roof and the best-off reap 80% of the benefits of his pandemic relief. I know many FIU friends who can barely get by with one job. Housing in Miami is expensive, tuition is rising, wages are low, and the Republican party does not seem to care. But we don’t want socialism though, right?

President Trump downgraded Black Lives Matter protests and the killings that sparked them. It was revealed that Jeff Sessions strongly pushed family separations at the Mexican border. In resistance, Biden’s coalition is one of people of color, and his running mate can inspire girls of color especially.

From the pat on the back he gives the abandoned worker to the hugs for his family and perseverance in the face of incredible hardships, he makes us believe in ourselves and in our country.

I realize that many voters, including Black and Hispanic Americans, have been turned off by Biden and/or support Trump, and I completely understand and sympathize. Ultimately, we must all work together to advance the interests of everyone, especially our most marginalized. The passion many voters have for President Trump is inspiring, even if I don’t like the guy.

But in my view, elections hang on much more than playful images. Joe Biden, a humble man who is a craft negotiator and bipartisan deal-maker, has made every effort to value and represent our country since 1972. He wants to work for everyone, including the Trump-loving Qanon followers who hate his guts. He can heal a supposedly inclusive Democratic Party that has been plagued with hostility towards Trump supporters in some of its left-wing factions.

Joe Biden is one of my role models for a reason: he is genuine. From the pat on the back he gives the abandoned worker to the hugs for his family and perseverance in the face of incredible hardships, he makes us believe in ourselves and in our country. The man who was sworn into the Senate beside his ill son is the man I want representing me, especially in these times where a severely ill family member is always by my side.

Barack Obama said “yes, we can,” and these words have never been more important, 12 years later. We are Americans and we can do anything, so let’s stop fighting and come together under Joe Biden.

I cannot wait to see this man take the oath to be President. He will do a superb job.


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