Caribbean Student Organizations liven up campus life

HSU's Tou Chou dance group performs to a Hatian song | PantherNOW

Susannah Diaz | Contributing Writer 

Caribbean culture cheerfully flowed from the Graham Center last week.

The Caribbean Student Association has officially hosted its first Culture Night of the semester here at Modesto Maidique Campus.

CSA teamed up with the Jamaican Student Union and the Haitian Student Union to create a great night for students on Wednesday, Nov. 8.

These clubs offer culture night every semester to have students experience culture, either from their home countries or something new.

Students from all over the Caribbean and outside of it represented their cultures at the GC pit.

“I am not Caribbean but it was amazing to jump into the Caribbean culture and truly be a part of this event, it makes me feel bigger than just another FIU student,” said Nicholas Duros, a first-year cybersecurity student.

Tyler Sanchez, the president of CSA worked with the other members of the association to make this night special, including having performances from two Caribbean dance clubs and offering common dishes from many of the Caribbean countries. 

These two performances were performed by HSU’s dance groups, Tou Cho and Karizma. Karizma had just made their comeback performance after shutting down due to COVID-19. 

Both groups showed off stellar performances dancing to traditional Caribbean music.

An international student from Trinidad and Tobago in the crowd said that she “felt like she was back home again”. 

Alyssa Fraser, a first-year Communication Arts major, mentioned the nostalgia the event brought. 

 “Being able to attend this event with the smell of peas and rice in the air and having people know of your culture and the shared experiences takes me back to the community I had growing up in Brooklyn. It was a night to remember,” said Fraser.

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