Back-of-House at FIU shows the behind-the-scenes of event coverage

A group photo from a recent charity event they attended | Photo Courtesy of Ashdin Azari

Isabella Polo | Contributing Writer

FIU’s Back of House is showing students of all backgrounds and majors the versatility of event management and hospitality through its mission to offer students real-world experience. 

Miranda Grimaldi, who founded BOH in Dec. of 2022, further detailed the mission and its importance to the FIU community. 

“I strongly believe that you need experience in the field to be comfortable when you go into the real world,” said Grimbaldi. 

BOH’s mission is based on offering students the opportunity and responsibility to work events in Miami outside of the scope of FIU. Some of their past gigs have included Formula 1 and Ultra Music Festival, where students went behind the scenes of managing events. 

“Back of House grew very fast in such a short amount of time and when that happens you know organizations/companies will need that support. If you leave them it could be messy and I know that our members are always going to show up”.  

What makes working with BOH so special for these students is the transparency and consistency that comes from the client’s work. This doesn’t just benefit students looking to work exclusively in event planning and management, but any student hoping to network. 

Ashdin Azari, business major sophomore and president of BOH, is an example of the diversity represented within the club. 

“I want to work on going forward just getting more news out there because I think that if kids, not even hospitality majors, who want to get more experience working around in Miami, we offer opportunities to hook them up with some of the biggest events,” said Azari.

No matter your major or background, BOH welcomes anyone looking to get experience in the event industry. 

Ashley Hidnert, a senior studying hospitality management and Vice President of BOH, speaks more on what this means for students.

“I’m also in charge of interviewing students when they join. Although our events for things like the Super Bowl or Ultra are cool, I let them know it is also a lot of time and work behind the scenes” said Hidnert.

She went on to describe they not only plan events but learn from industry professionals as well, hosting speakers at monthly club meetings to answer students’ questions and help foster future success.  

“We recently opened up the club to alumni who act as active members. It’s also great in that sometimes they drop suggestions and event opportunities into our chat for any members who may be interested”. 

More than meetings and presentations, they treat the experience of this industry as seriously as it should be, with the hopes that students leave more prepared and ready to take on the industry than when they first entered.

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